Ought To Know

Ought to know

Are you interested in the Russian market?
Are you sure you know how to start?


We make the way to penetrate Russia easy for you!

The Russian market is one of the most interesting yet most challenging markets in the world. Huge capacity and high pace of growing make the Russian market very attractive.

According to the Western business community, Russia — the largest country in the world — has a massive potential entirely undiscovered.


What is the Russian consumer today?

After a decade of turmoil when almost any product of quite a dubious quality could be easily merchandised to the Russian market, a new decade of exacting consumer has come to life. Now the tastes of the new Russian consumer are quite diversified yet are far from being satisfied.

There is huge potential for products for the growing middle class. Many businesses entering the Russian market are proving successful due to accurate targeting unsaturated segments identified through prior precise marketing research.

There is a big potential to meet pent up demand in many sectors of the Russian economics. A list of potential business areas for Western companies in Russia is huge, from engineering and financial services and ICT to construction; from creative industries to pharmaceuticals; from food to biotechnology.

However, penetrating the Russian market can be challenging. Risks could be high and  should never be underestimated.  We are here to envision all nuances important to know when expanding in the Russian market and help you to overcome all possible difficulties if those arise.


Here are golden rules for business people willing to enter the Russian market:

Preliminary research and evaluation of the local market trends,

Research the competitors and their marketing methods within the Russian market;

Due to dissimilitude of business rules in Russia, acquiring a Russian partner or obtaining the services of a representative agency at the starting point is highly recommended.

What do you know about Russia? Is it something mysterious, obscure and strange? But it can be said about any place you have never been before. Believe me, when you get to know Russia better, you will love this place.


  • The Russian language is probably the main obstacle at the beginning. Unfortunately, many companies present their services in English on their websites either via translating texts ad hoc or just googling their home pages.

When it comes to life talk it appears that not so many Russian business people speak fluently, especially in regions. It is definitely not a problem if you deal with special mediator agencies that are thoroughly acquainted with business culture in Russia.

  • Bureaucracy. Do you know that according to the Russian law, if you intent to stay in Russia more than 7 days, your Russian visa must be registered upon arrival?

That is just one small example.

  • Business culture. In some cases the Russians are doing slower than you expect and on the contrary are in a hurry when you take time to think.
  • Mentality. Russians are definitely hard-working and ambitious, yet each step to the contract calls for a party…
  • Small tricks. Do you know that population of Moscow is approximately 13 million – more than some European state? You can get at a loss in such unexpected cases as where to stay better and how to get to some place in view of terrible traffic jams that happen here every day.

Still all this is easily overcome with qualified people ready to help you with any issue.


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